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Battery Council International Innovation Award Nominee

Batteries Council International 2020 Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Innovation Award Finalists – Read More



Advanced EFB 2.0 offering under development to rival existing EFB/AGM and Bi-Polar offerings. 


Currently integrating with select Industrial Battery Manufacturers for Motive Power and Traction Applications


Currently Integrating Industrial Stationary Cells and Advanced Deep Cycle offering under development to rival AGM/TPPL


Cycle Life

Enhancing battery cycle life through optimized electrolyte dynamics, limiting sulphation, corrosion, active mass shedding and nonuniform utilization.

Rapid Recharge

Optimized PbSO4 solubility and electrolyte density homogeneity allows for rapid recharge and improved DCA, with lower overvoltage requirement.

Improved PSoC

Higher PbSO4 solubility during recharge and improved charge dynamics allow for an improvement in PSoC operation and life expectancy under PSoC operation.

Higher RTE

Improved charge dynamics allow for a much higher recharge efficiency with a reduced over voltage requirement and maximum coulombic efficiency throughout bulk of charge phase.

Less Lead

Reduction of between 25% - 30% lead material per AH capacity as a result of improved Active Material utilization and more uniform utilization of overall Active Mass.

Higher Wh/Kg

Higher Wh/kg gravimetric energy density as a result of reduction in lead mass for a given capacity, coupled with an increase in average discharge voltage to yield higher Wh.

Next level Lead Acid

Our technology easily integrated into any flooded industrial battery cell coupled with our novel electronic controller, renders the enhanced cell the best in class flooded industrial cell that can be manufactured today!


Electrolyte Control

Optimum DISCHARGE and CHARGE electrolyte control functions yields unmatched active material performance


An inexpensive component per 2-Volt cell coupled with a controller per battery bank makes this the lowest cost improvement with the highest net positive impact

Easily Integrates

Slight battery casing configuration changes allows for no-hassle integration into existing industrial flooded batteries

Enhanced Customer Value

Customers enjoy the best in class industrial flooded cells and little to no additional cost with improved charge, life and value to their intended energy storage use

Battery & Ancillary Manufacturers

With the ease of integration of this technology and the benefit gained, every flooded cell should have it

Take your Flooded Motive range to new heights with the EQLYTE electrolyte optimization technology.


Offer more value in your stationary flooded ranges with better economics and better customer value


Novel 12-Volt Tubular deep cycle battery configurations ONLY possible with EQLYTE inside for best deep cycle offers

best market offer 12-volt

About us

We are a team of lead-acid battery technology developers with combined decades in LAB innovation and R&D. 

We believe that Lead-Acid batteries still have important functions to fulfill in our society and can do so at the lowest cost to stakeholders. 

Our mission

To facilitate the evolution of the lead-acid battery, not only in technological capability, but in value to the end user and our society. 

Our offer

  • Enhanced economics of use
  • Higher value to the customer
  • More profitability for the manufacturer



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