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ESaaS offers you energy storage  for use with your solar system, where you don’t have to figure out what works best, we will.


Why buy batteries and take the risk upon yourself and your cash-flow when we can solve your energy storage as-and-when you need it?

Store your solar

Own a commercial solar system or have a solar PPA in place? Capitalize on your existing solar generation by storing excess energy for peak use or use outside of solar hours with our Energy-Storage-as-a-Service offering. 

Lose the generator

Fossil Fuel Generators are costly and can cost you anywhere between $0.30 -$0.50 depending where you are. (LCOE) Transform your reliability with our ESaaS offering to replace the bulk of your generator backup requirement. 


Our ESaaS offers you an end-to-end energy storage service offering powered by the most suitable technology suite for your specific application.

Future Proof

Don’t get caught paying for batteries today without knowing what the future may offer. Our ESaaS model has been designed to allow us to introduce future technologies when they become viable so you don’t get stuck in the past. 

Losing solar energy while you read this?

Let's solve that now

Core Team


Neill Human

Neill has an intimate understanding of energy storage technology with over 10-years of active innovation and development background within the energy storage space and the economics of energy storage applications. 


Pierre Pienaar

Pierre is a successful serial entrepreneur and investor with experience across a very wide range of industries. Pierre is an avid technology investor and an accomplished business strategist.


Frank Pretorius

Frank has a strong background within London’s banking and financial sector and boasts a very wide network of contacts across multiple industries. Frank is the Managing Director for Mega Amps.


Wouter Verwey

Recently retired Managing Director of the Zimco group of companies, a subsidiary of Eco-Bat Group, the world’s largest producer and recycler of lead. Wouter managed the largest lead operation in Africa.


Prof. Vivian Alberts

Vivian is a respected pioneer in the field of photovoltaic (PV). He holds a Ph.D. in the field of semiconductor physics and over 25 years of combined experience in the management of PV research laboratories and pilot facilities.


Johann Krause

Johann is a business leader and executive with an innate ability to manage large organizations and the teams. Johann is critical thinker and a business strategist with a focus on overall strategy and logistics.